About Us

Founders, Vicky and Han, were introduced by a mutual friend just two years ago and soon discovered a mutual passion for helping others feel better about themselves. They acknowledge the power of surgical enhancement in making for a happier life and have dedicated themselves to passing on this gift through their work.

They strongly believe in the 3 H’s – • Hands • Head • Heart

 Meaning they are always hands-on, solutions-focused in the face of problems and passionate about their work and clients.

Victoria Leitch - Beauty/Medical Consultant

As one of the UK’s leading therapist’s Victoria Leitch has gained an excellent reputation within the beauty industry which now spans over 20 Years. Her ability to connect with her clients by providing in-depth extensive knowledge whilst offering the highest level of care is the driving force to her ongoing success.

As the Founder and CEO of Angel Medical Care and the Angel Clinic UK it is Victoria’s objective to offer affordable treatments accessible to all of her customer’s here in the UK and Abroad. She strongly believes that helping people achieve their goals in maintaining their body confidence and strive to further support their mission and has since explored additional services which she is now offering.

It is her passion which led her to study numerous medical diplomas and she has since applied this knowledge throughout the years to produce incredible transformational results for both her male and female clientele.

The combination of her friendly demeanour and authenticity is a direct reflection of what her brand represents, she has said on many occasions you can only recommend a service once you have tried it yourself so having undergone successful cosmetic surgery herself abroad she now supports others to do so as she has experienced first-hand the client journey.

Body confidence has always been an area which Victoria fully understands and she takes pleasure in supporting others both physically and mentally achieving their dreams, after all if you are feeling great internally and externally it encourages a better state of mind and as a result, leads to happier clients!

Angie Ali - International Coordinator at Sago IVF

I am a highly experienced IVF international Patient Advisor and Coordinator specialising in treatment in Northern Cyprus. I offer years of knowledge and experience, resulting in the best-tailored advice for each individual patient. I guide patients to the best fertility clinics, working to the highest standards and success rates at the best available price.

As an Advisor, my role entails providing the best advice in choosing the most appropriate treatment and clinic. I accompany patients to their appointments as per their request, supporting, providing advice and translating where and when required. I liaise both with patients and medical staff to coordinate the patient’s cycle, assist in a step-by-step guide during the treatment, organise patient accommodation and local transfers. My ultimate aim is to provide my clients with the best of knowledge and assistance in their IVF treatment to have an easier and streamlined process.

Selda Zurnacioglu - International Coordinator at Renovium

Selda is the international patient coordinator at Renovium and has been working alongside Dr Cem for two years. She was born and raised in England and moved to North Cyprus four years ago. Selda has been in the health sector for ten years and graduated from Staffordshire University with a BSC Honours in Health Studies. Previously to working with Dr Cem, Selda was part of the Public Relations team at Kolan British Hospital and also helped with translations. Her role at Renovium plays a huge part in our patient’s surgery journey as Selda will greet you at the clinic and will be with you through every step of your visit to Cyprus.

Dr. Özgür Oktay

Dr. Özgür Oktay was born on 01.12.1976 in Cizre. Dr. Özgür Oktay, associate professor of primary and secondary education in Ankara, Turkey. Özgür Oktay graduated from Izmir Inönü High School in 1993. In the same year he entered Ege University Faculty of Medicine, which was one of the universities of his choice. During his education at The Faculty of Medicine he successfully attained the radiology department of the same university for the radiology specialization. Özgür Oktay completed his residency in December 2004 and worked at the scientific Diagnostic Imaging Center for 2 years. During his military service and as part of his military training he completed his education by entering the degree in Izmir Military Hospital he preferred to do it Part-time and later during the same year of military service he worked at the surgical medical centre of special interest for about 2-3 years full time. In the next 2 years, he specialized in simultaneous radiology at the Special Gazikent Surgical Center with special Irem Medical Center. In 2012, in the AKUT Heart Vascular Hospital for about 3 years he did multiple angiography and angioplasty as an interventional radiologist. This process leads to his participating in the poster presentation of the Congress of cardiovascular surgery in 2014. During the time he worked at the AKUT Heart Vascular Hospital also participated in multiple peripheral interventional meetings both nationally and overseas.

Handan Emin (HAN) - Medical Travel Consultant

Han Emin is one of the Founders and CEOs of the Angel Medical Clinic. Her expertise within the Travel Industry has made her a significant element to the clinics’ construction as it is her role to ensure that flights, transfers and accommodation have been organised according to each client’s requirements. According to Han, it is her highest level of customer service, years of travel consultancy experience and her honest approach which is the sole contributor to her returning customers, highly respected reputation and popularity within this industry.

Han boasts over 2 decades of experience within the Global Travel Management Sector and she has also received a British Airways Masters Diploma in Travel and Tourism. She can also speak 2 languages, English and Turkish fluently.

Han prides herself as being in a position to provide the best information and guidance to anyone considering having surgery abroad. She is extremely compassionate when advising and assisting others as she has personal experience of having a mastectomy and reconstructive breast surgery in Istanbul and Cyprus.

Cem Cerkez - Plastic Surgeon

Op. Dr. Cem Çerkez was born in Cyprus in 1981. After completing his primary and secondary education in Cyprus, he proceeded to Ankara for medical education. He has completed both the medical faculties and aesthetic surgery education at Ankara University, becoming a specialist in Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. In 2015 he founded the Renovium clinic, which provides professional services in the fields of cosmetic surgery and cosmetology. Presenting over forty scientific studies in congresses he has attended, Cem Çerkez continues to improve himself by participating in national and international meetings every year. He is a member of the following associations;

– Cyprus Turkish Medical Association
– Turkish Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Association
– Turkish Society of Aesthetic Surgery
– Turkish Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons
– The International Confederation of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (IPRAS)
– Turkish Republic of North Cyprus, Confederation of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr Misha Sidi Sarfati - Medical Travel Consultant

Born in 1970, Istanbul Turkey.
Studied in Marmara University Dentistry Faculty and then in Edinburgh University Oral Surgery. Went to Karolinska İnstitute for Implantology and bone regeneration education.

I have been performing implant surgeries for 22 years. I have used nearly all type of implant systems in these 22 years. I have worked in some type of implants, research and development procedures. I have been using L- PRF and PRF techniques for 8 years during the implant or augmentation operations. I have been using Ivoclar Laminate and Lumineer system for 20 years in hundreds of patients.

I obtain most of the international and national Oral Surgery, Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry congress.

In recent years I started to work on the toxic effects amalgam fillings and on the toxic effects of the normal amalgam removal procedure. We use in our Clinique, Safe Amalgam removal procedure. And never throw the amalgam intoxicated water and particles to the wastewater. We collect in special bottles and give them to the metal dispenser companies.
Since 2009, I have been giving lectures and organising courses about advanced implantology, zygomatic implants, sinus lift operations and bone splitting operations.

Debbie Zisimou - Cosmetic Surgery Consultant

Debbie Zisimou as one of our top health advisors has 20 years of experience in cosmetic surgery consultancy and is a Realself Member.

She is a caring specialist on life-changing decisions, having her own experience in cosmetic surgery. Debbie has an amazing relationship with our surgeons to deliver to your specific needs.